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Why Rent When You Can Rent to Own Houses in MN?

Are you paying rent and feel like you are throwing your money out of the window? Do you want to own your own home but don’t qualify for a mortgage? Don’t worry, we can help! Kiss your landlord goodbye and be a step closer to home ownership today!

Our Rent To Own program is designed to help people become home owners sooner! Recent economic recession caused a lot of good home owners lose their homes in foreclosure and recent tightening of lending requirements made it very tough for people with bad or no credit to buy a home in MN.

If you have bad credit and have been denied a home mortgage, and you are forced to rent – there is nothing to be ashamed of! There are millions of Americans who are in the same situation and we are here to help you! Our rent to own program also helps you build your credit history so you can be in better shape when you are ready to buy a home! is a great resource for you to locate lease with options or rent to own homes in Minnesota. Our goal is to help renters become homeowners sooner and to help sellers sell a house fast in Minnesota! Current real estate market made it tough for a home owner to sell a home fast in MN and we understand it! We are here to help every seller to avoid foreclosure and every renter to start enjoying the benefits of homeownership!

The way a Rent-to-Own program works:

  • We locate sellers that want to sell their house.
  • We find “renters” or future home owners who want to buy a home and would like to participate in a rent to own program
  • We match the right house seller with the right Rent To Own buyer and put together a Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement
  • We help the buyer to build or repair credit to be eligible for a home mortgage at the end of Lease Option period!
  • The seller has sold their home using our Rent To Own program, and the renter has become a new homeowner! Our goal has been accomplished!

Our Rent-to-Own Mission

Our mission is to provide OPTIONS both for the seller and the buyer! Recent economic slowdown and hardships of housing market made it tough for sellers who are in trouble to sell their homes. It also made it much more difficult for people to become home owners. We are here to help sellers sell a home fast, save credit history and avoid foreclosure and we are here to help renters with no or bad credit to become home owners sooner!

History of Rent to Own Home Buying

Rent to own, also known as Lease with Option to Purchase is really a new twist on the classic Contract for Deed. But it's better! The seller doesn't have to give up the deed to the house, and the renter isn't responsible for the mortgage. A Professional Real Estate Investor like acts as the middle person who facilitates the process. We are responsible for the mortgage payment and the deed stays with the seller! It's the best solution for all parties!

So, stop throwing your money away on rent. Kiss your landlord goodbye and be a step closer to home ownership today! Sure, there are legitimate reasons to just rent, but...

If your Home Mortgage loan application was declined and you rent because you think it is your only option, Think Again! You can be a step closer to owning your new home today!

Rent To Own Advantages
  • Few qualification restrictions.
  • Easy approval process.
  • You are no longer throwing money away on rent! You can start building equity in your home way before you even own it!
  • No Qualifying. Credit problems are not usually a road block.
  • No loan fees.
  • Flexible terms – Finally, you can have pets, swimming pools, barbecues and trampolines! No more landlords to tell you what you can and cannot do!

Here are the requirements:

  • 430 or higher credit score
  • Reasonable Down Payment (1st & last months rent)
  • Good rental history (good ref. from Landlord)
  • Bankruptcy aged at least 6 months
  • Income (at least 2 times monthly pmt)

Register Now and you will be on your way to becoming a homeowner!


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Contract For Deed in MN - if you are sick of renting and want to buy a home but are not eligible for a traditional mortgage, we will help buy an owner financed home in MN!